This Page Updated 4/29/2018!
Now taking deposits! A non-refundable deposit of $500 to be on the waiting list! The price of a puppy will start at  $1500 each. Shipping will be available for an additional fee. Will be expecting Puppies
July 2018!!! 

Deposit List
1st Pick Reserved For The Bailey Family!

Zena had 1 Pomsky Puppy January 2,2017!!!

Diamond was born January 2, 2017!!! She has bi eyes and a nice thick coat of hair. Her price is $1500. Sold!!!

Wolf-Deposit $500-Total Price $2500-Blue Eyes!
SOLD!!! Went home in Cincinnati, OHIO!

Lucy-Deposit $1000-Total Price $4000-Blue Eyes! SOLD!!!

Luke-Deposit $500-Total Price $1500-Blue Eyes!

Lady-Deposit $800-Total Price $2500-Blue Eyes!

Chase-Deposit $500-Total Price $1000-1 Blue Eye and 1 Brown Eye-SOLD!!!
Going to his new home in Chicago, ILLINOIS!!!

Candy-Deposit $200-Total Price $1500-Blue Eyes!
SOLD!!! Went to Cincinnati, Ohio!!!