Payment Options

 The price of a future puppy is starting at $800.  I am taking a $100 - $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy or be placed on the waiting list. If the puppy you place a deposit on passes away, you choose another available puppy or from an upcoming litter. No refunds. Shipping is available for an additional fee. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees. When you place a deposit, you have read all the information on this website and agree!  

This page updated 11/14/2019!!!
The name and information of each pup is above the pictures. Once I receive a deposit or sale a puppy it will be deleted off the available puppies list.


Summer 2019 Deposit List

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Grey Wolf and Rose had a litter born July 7,2019!

Millie-Female-Ckc Registered-$800-Available

Macy-Female-Ckc Registered-$800-Available

Molly-Female-Ckc Registered-$800-Available

Grizzly and Akira had a litter born June 20,2019!

Gina-Female-Akc Registered-$800-Available

Grace-Female-Akc Registered-$800-Available

Dakota and Vixen had a litter born June 2,2019!

Ruby-Female-Ckc Registered-$600-Available

Ricky-Male-Ckc Registered-$600-Available

Reba-Female-CKC Registered-$600-Available

Dakota and Nikita had a litter born June 5,2019!

Larry-Male-Ckc Registered-$600-Available

Lara-Female-Ckc Registered-$600-Available

Lonnie-Male-Ckc Registered-$600-Available

Iceberg and Katie had a litter born April 18, 2019!

Bryce-Male-Ckc Registered-$500-Available

Grey Wolf and Wolf Girl had a litter born May 2, 2019!

Norman-Male-Akc Registered-$500-Available

Nelson-Male-Akc Registered-$500-Available

Grey Wolf and Darla's litter was born December 25, 2018!!!

Ronnie-Male-Ckc Registered-$200-Available!

Rocky-Ckc Registered-$100-Available!

Iceberg and Zena had a litter born February 18, 2019!!!

Christy-Female-Ckc Registered-$500-Available!

Thor and Nova had a litter born March 3, 2019!!!

Tucker-Male-Akc Registered-$400-Available!

Midnight Dolly-2 yrs old-$100

Past Puppies-SOLD!!!